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Extreme Sensitivity to Stimuli - Is it Autism?

Crowded spaces, loud noises, an itchy sweater or scratchy clothing tag – these would be mild annoyances for most people. But to some, they can be extremely distressing, or even painful. It’s called Sensory Processing Disorder. It often appears in children who also have autism or ADHD. But Elysa Marco has worked with enough patients suffering from sensory processing disorder to be convinced it is a separate condition, not just a subset of autism.

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Enjoy some of the press articles about the work of the UCSF Pediatric Brain Center’s Sensory Neurodevelopment and Autism Program.

January 26, 2016: SPD Brain Imaging Study by Suzanne Leigh

In the largest ever SPD brain imaging study, the SNAP neuroimaging team has found that boys and girls with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) have altered pathways for brain connectivity when compared to typically developing children, and these differences predict challenges with auditory and tactile processing.

July 30, 2014: Kids with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders Show Brain Wiring Differences by Juliana Bunim
UCSF Study Builds on its Groundbreaking Research Showing Children with SPD Have Measurable Brain Differences. Researchers at UC San Francisco have found that children with sensory processing disorders have decreased structural brain connections in specific sensory regions different than those in autism, further establishing SPD as a clinically important neurodevelopmental disorder.

July 31, 2013: Sensory Processing Disorder Overwhelms Kids by Erin Allday, San Francisco Chronicle
When everyday sensations are too much for kids. There’s been some movement toward accepting sensory processing disorder, though. At UCSF, scientists recently published a study showing that there may be biological differences in the brains of children with sensory processing problems compared with typically developing children.

July 09, 2013: Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids by Juliana Bunim
Sensory processing disorders (SPD) are more prevalent in children than autism and as common as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, yet the condition receives far less attention partly because it’s never been recognized as a distinct disease.