Sensory Processing Disorder Consortium  

Study Director: Elysa Marco, MD; Lucy Miller OT PhD

Recruiting: Yes

Official study title: SPD consortium registry & database

Conditions studied: Sensory Processing Disorder

Purpose: The purpose of the Sensory Processing Disorder Consortium (SPDC) database is to help researchers investigate the genetic causes, risk factors, associated conditions, brain structure/function and treatments for SPD.


Inclusion criteria:

  • Children and adults who have SPD as identified by their health care provider and meet the screening criteria used in the Short Sensory Profile

Exclusion criteria:

  • Concern for psychosis or suicidality
  • Active medical problems, including seizure disorder on anticonvulsant medication, migraine, or asthma
  • Brain-injury secondary to premature delivery with gestation < 36 weeks
  • Trauma, central nervous system infection, or acquired brain lesions
  • Known brain malformation
  • Significant hearing or vision impairments.

What is Involved?

Data Collection: Provide basic clinical information (including parent/teacher report and direct assessments) and contact information that can be entered into the shared database.

Costs: It is free to provide information to our database. 

Contact Information

Coordinator: Molly Gerdes – [email protected], (415) 640-2680